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Offer discounts for non-profits, schools, and churches! 
Clients that require periodic or frequent services also receive discounts!

Consultations:  Whether you are trouble shooting or upgrading your sound system, our creative sound engineers are experienced and well equipped to fix, install, or upgrade your system.  We work with churches, event centers, venues, and even home entertainment centers.  If you are looking to achieve the best sound quality out of your system and space, contact us now to set up an appointment.  We can get you great prices on new equipment or used depending on your budget.

Custom Made Cables:  Custom soldered cable are made here by customer request.  Don’t waist time or effort trying to find a cable that will suite your signal routing needs. Simply tell us what type of cable (mic, speaker, instrument), the length (ft.), and connector types (XLR, TRS, TS, adaptor combinations), and your cable(s) will be made in a timely fashion.  Prices are determined by length, type, and labor past one hour.

Media Transfers:

  • Cassette to CD (WAV.)
  • Vinyl to CD (WAV.)
  • Reel Tape to CD (WAV.)
  • other to CD